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Walkthrough your own business: A great way to get an objective view of your business is to walk through your business through the eyes of a first-time customer. That- or perhaps you could ask a friend to stop by and get their feedback.

What aspects of your property grab your attention? Pay attention to these areas so you can highlight them during your business photo shoot. What are some eye sores that you are not so proud of?

Start With the Parking Lot

Our virtual tours always start outside. So evaluate the outside of your business from the eye of a customer. Do you have a trashcan that needs emptying or a cigarette ashtray full of cigarette butts? Is there debris on the ground or on the doormat that could use a good sweeping up? Any half-peeled or sun-faded stickers on the glass that you want to remove? 

Let’s Make Your Shoot a Success

Schedule your landscaping company

Have them come out before our arrival to trim bushes, mow lawns and leaf-blow.

Clear up your parking area free from cars

Have your staff park elsewhere and not directly in front of your business. We understand you can’t control where clients park but just do the best you could. It will be the first area we shoot so it really won’t take up too much time. Once we move past the entrance, the parking lot is yours again!
Wipe down windows or your glass door that face the parking lot if you feel it has a lot of streaks or hand prints. Also, please don’t wait for our arrival to start cleaning. Arrive ahead of time or do it the night before. Our photographers are on schedules and these kinds of things could create a late situation for the next shoot of the day.

Seasonal Cleanup

If it’s the fall season and you have a lot of leaves, consider getting the parking lot leaf-blown before our arrival. The same goes with snow- make sure the parking lot is shoveled for maximum appearance.

Holiday/Seasonal Decor

If it’s close to the holidays and your store is decorated for the occasion, consider taking it all down for your shoot. That is of course if that’s the route you want to take. We have many repetitive customers who want it displayed, then have us come back out for an updated tour- to which we offer special ‘second-time’ visit rates. We can actually save your seasonal virtual tours after their shot and upload them during the holiday seasons.

Garbage Canisters

If you’re located within a shopping center, you may have a nearby garbage canister close to your entrance. Some business owners choose to remove or hide them. If you’re okay with them being displayed, be sure that it’s not overflowing or toppled with garbage.

Inside Preparation Tips

Once inside, there are all sorts of small details which can make or break your tour. Remember, the camera eye picks up everything and so will your clients.