Photo Retouching is simply the technique of enhancement to make a photo pop off the page. This deals with color, lighting, contrast, etc... I use this technique to digitally enhance the final photo product. How heavy or light the process depends on the each image processed. See images below.

Photo Composite is the technique of creating an image from two or more existing images This is done by blending two or more photos together to make one completely different image. This technique is often used for movie poster, CD/DVD covers, book/ebook covers etc... See images below.


I design logos for all purposes. Whether it simply for your website or you intend to get it trademarked or registered. The prices of the logos I design are reflected within the intended end response of the logo. For website logos I don't make vectors of them. I design send the client a low resolution png. This is the lowest price. For other intended uses I will vector the logo and send the client the native file, an eps file and a full resolution png of the logo in color and black and white.


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